At CSC SOLUTIONS we consider that damaged cargoes have strong environmental consequences because they have an impact on energy saving and energy waste.  Thus we want to eradicate them.  To reach our objectif we proceed on different levels in the hydrocarbon transportation logistical chain:

As we cover the supply chain, we are able to answer your expectation with respect to our commitments.

Synthesize your procedures

SOPEP Procedure "report the spill".

SOPEP Procedure « report the spill ».

ISM, ISO, VIQ, etc. ship owners and operators shall comply with numerous regulations.

For this reason, some management system are of a large size and it becomes a risk when personnel does not read them to save working hours.

At CSC SOLUTIONS we believe that time as come for your company’s benefit to synthesize your management system without increasing risk for both personnel and environment. We will assist you and use charts for this purpose.

« A picture is worth a thousand words »

We invite you to make up your mind with our  procedure   » report the spill  » – SOPEP PRO 003 –  coming from our SOPEP plan.

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Expertise and advise in sea transport

CSC SOLUTIONS personnel is based on experienced seamen with top management position. What ever your problem with hydrocarbon and sea transport is, you will find the interlocutor you need for a dedicated answer. We recently gave advise on the following items:

  • Tank cleaning: third party expertise for tank cleaning procedure with ULSD
  • Cargo contamination: P&I expertise on fuel following a claim about the flash point issued by the receiver .
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« Only by cultivating sound virtues will people be able to make a selfless ecological commitment. A person who could afford to spend and consume more but regularly uses less heating and wears warmer clothes, shows the kind of convictions and attitudes which help to protect the environment. »

Encyclical letter « Laudato Si » of the Holy Father Francis on care for our common home

Our company’s commitments will guide us for achieving our primary objective : your contract.

Damaged cargo eradication

we consider any damaged cargo as waste !

For this reason we will pay attention to each and every step your cargo is involved in so that 100% of your cargo will be available for your customer.

Moreover, we already provide shipper, shipowners and operators with a dedicated langage for procedure or instruction that reduce the risk of damaged cargo.

Renewable & Sustainable

We promote Directive 2009/28 issued by the European Commission and updated in 2015 for the use of renewable sources of energy and particularly fuels used for freight transportation (Diesel and LNG).

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Educational references

  • MSc in Sea Transportation at French Merchant Marine High School and Master’s certificate
  • Master Executive in Oil and Gas leadership at IHEID

Professional references

  • Chief Officer on tankers carrying oil products, chemical and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
  • Processus manager’s assistant in ISO 9001 at Gaz de France Négoce
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